Os Mestres

Inspiração de cristal dos sussurros dos mestres:

A Palavra teve Berço…



The Mission

“Tower Of Strength”

You raise me up
When I'm on the floor
You see me through
When I'm lonely and scared
And I'm feeling true to the written word
And you're true to me
And still I need more
It would tear me apart
To feel no one ever cared
For me
For me
For me
You are a tower of strength to me


“Garden Of Delight”

I see your dancing, laughing, naked
sweet and pretty face
and the promise burning brightly
in your crystal-shot eyes
your savage, and violent flesh,
the cut that bleeds, the kiss that stings
we're shooting up stars and desperate snows
that fall from shimmering skies, so

Take my hand and lead me
to the garden of delight
take my hand and lead me
to the garden of delight


“Beyond The Pale “

Cold still waters running deep
Pale before the eyes
By the hands that feed
Thunder clouds the skies
Drifting with the tid
Floating with the stream
The howling winds have gathered strength
From a wisper to a scream
Sell me down the river
And out to sea
Cast me adrift and set me to sail
Just on last kiss before raising hell
Beyond the pale
Beyond the pale



Fields of the Nephilim


Sumerland (What Dreams May Come)

your tempting me to all of life
and all its pleasure
take me to the dream
to the highs and the depths of my soul
here we free thoughts inside
giving up for giving time
but a world without end
where no soul can descend
there will be no sumertime
how lost lifes been
afraid of waking up
so afraid to take the dream
shapes of angels the night casts
lie dead but dreaming
in my past


And There Will Your Heart Be Also

we must suffer
to free our pain
can you help us
to find our way
you're here to stay
stay here in paradise
I'd end this moment
to be with you
through morphic oceans
I'd lay here with you
only to stay
stay here in paradise
only to stay son
lonely from this maelstrom
free are you
from this maelstrom
to be with you

Andarilhus "(ª0ª)"

música: Sisters of Mercy: "Black Planet"
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